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So why was Barack Obama’s religion such a focal point 4 years ago and Mitt Romney’s faith gets little media scrutiny?  Andrew Sullivan has a theory.

Here’s a question: if Barack Obama had to go through a brutal process of defending the doctrines, sermons and ideology of a church he merely attended, why is Mitt Romney exempted from explaining the doctrines and statements and ideology of a church he was an actual leading official in? I’ve been doing my best to read up on Romney’s life and career and the more you read, the more you agree with one of his fellow worshippers who told the New York Times that Mormonism is at the center of who he really is, if you scrape everything else off.

You could argue, as I do, that politics and religion are separate spheres and that a candidate’s faith should not be a major issue for anyone. But Romney is running as the leader of a party whose modern incarnation is defined by an insistence that religion and politics are inseparable, and Romney’s runner-up memorably described president Kennedy’s strict affirmation of political secularism as puke-worthy. So there really is no solid defense against an examination of Romney’s faith and how it formed him – or questioning some of his faith’s stranger doctrines. The media thus far have trod gingerly around the subject for good reason. Anti-Mormon bigotry, like racism, has been part of this country for a long while and in many ways, an election between a black man and a Mormon is a stupendous achievement for toleration in America.


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  1. Well, there you go, that last sentence cleared it up pretty well. Intolerance is reserved for white Christians. Other races and religions are protected by the main stream press.

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