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For the life of me, I don’t get why Mitt Romney doesn’t release more of his tax forms. Even conservatives like George Will is getting all huffy about it. What’s the worst thing we are going to see? That he is part of the evil, privileged 1%? Don’t we already know he is richer than God? Are we going to find tax shelters that the average working Joe can’t relate to? Well, duh. Of course. And isn’t that what Republicans are all about: keeping the governments greedy hands off our money. Convoluted tax shelters that only rich white dudes have access is only a problem for a bleeding heart liberal. Not a right-wing (when not governing a New England state) politician like Romney. The rich folks need all the money they can get. After all they create jobs with that money (jobs for tax accountants, lawyers and the dude that dry docks their yacht). Not getting the secrecy. Seriously.


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