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Four years ago, Obama goes abroad and standing room only crowds fill the streets of Berlin to hear him speak. He looked presidential. This election, Romney goes abroad trying to appear presidential and disses the English, blabs about a secret M6 meeting and explains away Palestinian poverty as a cultural thing. With this many gaffes abroad, Romney would be better served pressing the flesh in those swing states and harping on “It’s the economy, stoopid.” That’s really all the man should ever say. Seriously, Mitt, stop talking. You’re making us Anglo Saxons look bad.


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  1. You know, the thing is, Romney hasn’t said anything stupid. His statements might not have been politically positive, but there wasn’t a hint of stupid. Would he be better served to keep a tighter reign on his opinions? Perhaps. Will his comments cost him any votes? No. The British and Palestinians won’t be voting for Romney anyway. I’d say the fact that these very slight missteps made the news with Romney is a good sign of how little negative press there is to report about him. Really, no reasonable person can dispute the fact that he’s a nice guy who is very competent. We can argue against his policy, but the man is very stable.

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