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Most of the reports on Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his V.P. point to how he resonates with the GOP’s base. Ryan is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative whose Draconian budget cutting ideas square him with the Tea Party wing. Romney whose opportunistic wavering between liberal Massachusetts Governor and Morm-again conservative Bane executive has left the true believers skeptical of his core. Ryan is the real thing. But this analysis sells Ryan short. Rep. Ryan, unlike the rigid idealogues that the Tea Party has brought to congress is a pragmatic deal broker. Ross Douthat explains:

If the Republican ticket triumphs in November, having Ryan on-side will help Romney, a non-Washingtonian, navigate the complexities of Capitol Hill. But here it’s important to keep in mind that Ryan is an ideologue and a Beltway wheeler-dealer, attuned to both the possibilities for bipartisanship (recall that his latest Medicare proposal is co-sponsored with a Senate Democrat) and the need to sometimes swallow hard and take one for the team (hence those Bush-era votes for TARP and Medicare Part D). Thus if Romney wants to push an aggressive agenda in his first hundred days or year in office, Ryan will be a natural point person — but if the Romney White House then needs to compromise well short of conservative objectives, Ryan will be capable of negotiating the deal and ready and willing to sell it to a reluctant base.


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  1. The question should be, where, exactly is Ryan on the compromise scale? No GOP candidate for President short of crazy ol’ Ron Paul has not compromised. Republicans live in the real world and know that compromise is necessary. We just dont want someone who can’t stand his ground on principle our who chickens out in a fight at the first sign of political danger.

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