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The Republican convention is using that totally-out- of-context phrase “You didn’t build it” to great advantage. Banners and speeches are all about “You built it, not the government.” Which of course, wasn’t the President’s point, but it makes a lovely straw man. So, as someone who appreciates a good rant, here is a comment I found on the New York Times website. What did the GOP build? This:

They built it by changing the rules of the game by ravaging the middle class. They built it by unfettered and uncontrolled capitalism. They built it by creating more tax loopholes one could fly a stealth bomber through. They built it by offshoring jobs and importing cheap foreign labor. They built it by off shore, tax exempt accounts. They built it by depressing worker salaries. They built it by allowing Wall Street to run unchecked. They built it by playing the housing market like a casino. They built it by trickle down economics. They built it by empire building.

What did they build? The Great Recession, “too big to fail”, CEOs making 100 times a regular worker, worker wages keep going down adjusted for inflation, splintering the country along social and economic lines, created an imperial armed forces, hid their heads and waited for 9/11 to happen, took away basic rights under the Patriot Act, made many wealthy people more wealthy, made the middle class and working class more poorer, wiped out the savings at least three times by creating three deep recessions, polarized the country, created more foreign enemies then friends and made the United States no longer the envy of the world.

This is what they built.


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