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Apparently, the Romney campaign believes that there is no national tragedy so big that it can’t be spun to lambast the current President.  On September 11th, of all days, Romney suspends his suspension of politicking to… well…politick: “I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi,” Mshamer. Romney said in a statement. “It’s disgraceful that the Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.”

Except, Obama never sympathized with Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ assassins. He didn’t sympathize with the demonstrators. He did none of that. But, as usual, the GOP’s Invisible Obama was out there apologizing for the US of A and doing all sorts of mischief. Candidate Romney will, one day, have to stand and debate the real Barrack Obama. Until that day, I guess he will shamelessly stay on script and continue to pound away at the America-hating Obama of myth. The American Conservative blogger Daniel Larison has warned us of Romney’s hapless crusade against foreign policy of the make-believe Obama:

I have been saying something similar about the “apology tour” and Romney’s part in perpetuating this lie for the last two years. Beyond the basic dishonesty of it, the frequent reliance on the “apology tour” attack tells us a lot about mainstream Republican foreign policy arguments. Obama has largely continued Bush’s national security policies, and he has not made very many departures from Bush’s foreign policy, except on Russia (where the departure has been fairly successful) and to a much lesser extent on Israel (where he has nothing to show for it). There isn’t very much that Obama has actually done abroad in the last two and a half years that clashes with what Romney thinks the U.S. ought to be doing, which is why he has to exaggerate the few differences that exist and otherwise repeat nonsense about Obama’s non-existent apologies.

When Romney started using this attack, I didn’t understand why Romney was focusing so much attention on issues related to foreign policy. Romney is notoriously bad when it comes to the substance of foreign policy, which is all the more striking given his reputation for being a quick study and technocratic, wonkish type, so it didn’t seem to make sense that he would make this one of his main critiques of the administration. Later on, I realized that this rhetoric about apologies and other conservatives’ charges that Obama didn’t believe in American exceptionalism were never meant to refer to anything that Obama had actually done. Instead, they were opportunities for the people making these charges to wrap themselves in the mantle of American nationalism, define belief in American exceptionalism in such a way that it could only apply to people who agreed with them, and to impute anti-Americanism to anyone else. The entire exercise is clearly fraudulent, but it is also one that many Republicans find quite satisfying. Romney can reconcile his habit of saying whatever people want to hear with his need to satisfy partisans during the nomination contest: who better to make an absurd falsehood into the core of his campaign than Romney? Looked at this way, Romney’s shameless willingness to say anything could be more of an advantage in securing the nomination than anyone thought possible.



  1. You need to stop calling yourself an independent. You are showing yourself to be a blind follower of the left…well, at least online. I’ll admit, in person I find you willing to criticize whoever deserves it, but online, you seem to blindly side with the left and find no fault on their part. Did you look to see if this article was right? Did Obama apologize? I did. Obama’s administration didn’t apologize the Libya attackers, just the Cairo ones. But to be fair, (something libs never seem to find necessary to do) the Obama administration said his embassy made the apology and didn’t run it by him, and, contrary to the first reports, the apology seems to have been made before that attacks began. So, Obama apologized for his embassy’s apology. But it still stands that the record of Obama apologizing for the U.S. and bowing to every other head of state is long and well known.

    • So is the American Conservative now considered the liberal media by Fox News? I wasn’t aware. If Romney wants to win this election he needs to do some of his etch a sketch magic and stop pandering to the right with this Obama hates our country mythology. There is a reason he has dropped in the polls. The independents, like me, don’t hear him speaking truthfully about the President. He needs to focus on the economy and Obama’s real record. If he only rallies the extreme base, he will lose.

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