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After two national debates, it is obvious who is winning. The candidate with a heart brimming full of  passion. In both debates the candidate on the left side of the screen had a ten-inch smile and a feisty pugilism. Whether it was Romney on week one or Biden during the VP face off, it wasn’t calm, cool and collected that was won the day. Obama’s famous lack of drama may be a great asset in the Oval Office, but it reads as weariness and aloofness in a debate. The wonky Ryan suffers from the same disease. We don’t want to listen to an accountant recite actuarial tables in a Presidential debate. We want a fighter. Hopefully, Obama will get the message. Because jolting Joe Biden will not be able to save him in the next round.



  1. It’s amazing to me that you have this perspective. I thought the actual debate between the two was somewhat close, but I’d give the lead to Ryan who kept Biden on the defensive and made more positive substantive points. However, while Biden may have appealed to died in the wool liberals last night, his childlike condescending mannerisms were a gift to the Romney camp and surely turned independents to the Romney ticket. Unlike Obama, Ryan didn’t lack passion or interest, but rather, held himself in perfect composure. He was respectful to Biden, didn’t let his emotion get the best of him, addressed the cameras head on, and just appeared Presidential.

    From the Republican Security Council : “PAUL RYAN WINS CNN, CNBC AND AP DEBATE POLLS – Ryan 48% vs. Biden 44% (CNN), Ryan 56% vs. Biden 36% (CNBC) and Ryan 51% vs. Biden 43% (AP). The heavy sighing by Joe Biden was as obnoxious as his phony grin. He was laughing and sneering as he cut Ryan off 82 times.
    We thought he was a real embarrassment. With his cavalier and condescending demeanor, Biden demonstrated why little gets done in Washington. Why didn’t the moderator rein in Biden?
    Ryan was courteous and sincere, and looked far more presidential. He was the only one talking about the future, and his closing statement was outstanding. His grasp of foreign policy was impressive.
    The best lines of the night: “If you tax the wealthiest at 100%, it won’t be enough to pay 10% of government spending. . . We are getting speeches in this administration; We’re not getting leadership!”

    • Thank goodness that unfunding sesame street will pay for more tax cuts and fix the deficit. 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure Fox or Nickelodeon would pick up Sesame Street should it need funding. 🙂

  2. CBS has Biden winning 50 to 33 among uncommitted voters. Reuters puts it Biden won by42 to 35 among registered voters. The CNBC thing wasn’t really a poll. Besides Brian, it’s CNBC, surely you don’t believe them. More significantly, Biden won while telling the truth, whereas Ryan, once again, was cited by the fact checkers for his proclivity for lying. Or, more generously, for having his facts wrong. Joe wasn’t interrupting, he was correcting Ryan’s inaccurate claims.

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