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Of course, he is doing well. He has embraced every side of every issue.



  1. I could give you video of me saying the same thing. I would have preferred Newt. But Romney is light years better than Obama. Obama is soooooooooo much worse than Romney on this issue and many others. Obama just says whatever he thinks you will like at the time. You can’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth. Heck, he isn’t even honest about who he IS or what happened in his past. His own words conflict each other.

  2. Glen Beck? Glen Beck? Seriously? You stooped to citing that lunatic? Bill Ayres?? Wow! You’re gonna go Palin on me! Awwwwwwww.

    • I see. You didn’t actually view the video, or consider the facts, because anyone you disagree with is by edict, crazy. Got it.

      • Glen Beck is not a credible source. The fact that you think he is, is…well…disturbing.

      • Glenn Beck is a very credible source. The fact that you think he is not means you’ve been watching too much MSNBC. Why don’t you just watch the video? Beck’s “source” is Obama’s own words. This is such a liberal tactic. If you can’t win the argument on facts, then demonize the source.

  3. This is difference between you and I. I see MSNBC as left wing propaganda. MSNBC is like FOXNews. They both lack credibility. But Glenn Beck is a self-proclaimed “clown.” He is a provocateur who makes outrageous claims and scares old people. It is the equivalent of watching wrestling and actually believing it is legit. You make me sad.

    • Artie, I see that you think you’re being reasonable, but you’re not. You can admit that MSNBC is left wing propaganda. That’s good, but you fail to recognize that Fox News is not right wing propaganda, but rather, the first news network that isn’t left wing propaganda. Do they slant to the right sometimes? Sure. But they also slant to the left. If you said Fox News is the equivalent to ABC on the right, then that would be reasonable, not correct, but reasonable. (Because ABC has never slanted to the right, and Fox News does slant to the left)

      Glenn Beck is not a self-proclaimed “Clown.” He describes his company as a news, information, and entertainment company. Is he funny? Sure. I love his humor, some conservatives do not. But he doesn’t, by any means, take what he does lightly. Just watch the video I showed you. Does he seem like he’s joking? Glenn is not a provocateur, but rather an investigative reporter. The reason why you find his claims “outrageous” is because you’ve decided that things are a certain way, and Glenn’s facts don’t agree with your perspective. And see, that’s the thing….Glenn doesn’t go off and believe every conspiracy to be found like, say, Alex Jones.

      I’d say that you should just watch him more and you’d see. But I know that isn’t going to happen, because you’ve decided the truth to be otherwise.

  4. ABC News leaned right during the eighties when they brought on George Will. Now they lean toward corporations with a slight socially liberal bent. Beck has described himself as a “rodeo clown.” Your argument is with him, not me on that one. I grew up in a Republican home, I supported Goldwater and Reagan, read Bill Buckley. I know what conservatism is and what it isn’t. What it isn’t is Glenn Beck. He is a cynical nut job manipulator. If he resonates with you, I suppose that makes you a nut job. The sad truth is JFK was shot by a lone gunman, Obama was born on US soil and the CIA isn’t using cell phones to give black men testicular cancer. Maybe it makes the world a little less interesting so just read a graphic novel.

  5. Did you just call me a nut job? That wasn’t very nice, or very Christ like. If you think Beck is all that you called him then it is *crystal* clear to me that you have had little to no exposure to him and are trusting your friends on the left who demonize him daily. If you want to believe he’s a nut job, if that makes you sleep better at night, then fine, but I would suggest that you may be running from the truth because it differs from what you desire the truth to be. I would hope that you would respect me and many other Christian brothers and sisters (some of who attend worship service with you) who, after watching and listening and reading Beck believe that he brings forth truthful and meaningful news that the left wing press will not.

    A couple of other things…ABC did not bring George Will onto it’s news team. Will is part of a Sunday morning political commentary show and that’s it. Yes, Beck has described himself as a “rodeo clown,” which is quite different from your first statement, that he is a “clown.” Do you know what a Rodeo clown does? Maybe not, you don’t strike me as a Rodeo fan. Read this: to understand what a Rodeo clown does and what Glenn means when he says it.

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