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I think I’ve seen this movie. Two men––polar opposites–– are throw together in the wake of a major storm. The one, fat and emotionally needy. The other, cool and distant. Men with completely different agendas. But by the end of the movie, they are sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner together. It’s amazing to contrast the Chris Christie of a week ago who characterized Obama as an inept leader stumbling around in the dark with the Chris Christie of today who enthusiastically sings the President’s praises. It’s amazing how small government Republicans sing a different tune when they need the assistance of the federal government. That’s right, “government assistance” that great Republican bugaboo. I guess that’s why buddy movies are usually comedies. This stuff is so damn funny!


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  1. A polar opposite would be an anarcho capitalist. These are two statists. They just differ on how to divide the booty.

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