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Richard Mourdock is running for Senator in Indiana. He was going strong, too. He had defeated the man who had held this seat for thirty some years: Dick Lugar, who––funny enough–– is also a Republican. But Mourdock has done the politically unthinkable. He has formed a sentence with two words that should never be put in the same sentence, especially by a white male Republican running for office. Forget the fact that Murdouck was expressing his strongly held pro-life belief. Forget the fact that he called rape a horrible act. He did the unthinkable by putting God and rape in the same sentence. Dude, not cool! And when he returned to the green room his staffers let him know that he had done the campaign no favor by asserting the sanctity of human life even in rape. It was especially not cool to bring God into the equation. Sure, you can say you are staunchly pro-life. That gets out the evangelical vote. Sure, you can say you have a deep and abiding faith. Even new age hippies can grove on that. Say “God bless America” that even makes agnostics feel warm inside. And in the right crowds you can let rip the insinuation that God sent Hurricane Sandy to judge homosexuals and godless liberals on the east coast. Sic’em Jehovah!  But never, never, never say that God can sovereignly work in a rape that results in a pregnancy. Yeah, that’s pretty much a non starter. You can bet Dick Lugar never said anything like that. You see, you learn a thing or two when you’ve been in Washington for four decades. But, then again, the tea party Republicans are not exactly about learning.


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