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Glenn Beck, take a bow.



  1. O.k., you’ve got us. Romney supporters haven’t memorized his plan for fixing the economy. But a lot of those people had good points. Here’s some typical Obama supporters: There’s a lot of other videos showing typical Obama voters here, if, well, your cable is out or something:…0.0…1ac.1.Vnq60-rhLtw

  2. That’s unfair. Most democrats couldn’t tell you how long a President is in office. Fun can be had on either side

    • These people are not uninformed. They are misinformed. These are the products of the Republican propaganda machine. If Romney wins, it will because people like this voted against an imaginary Obama.

  3. Just like Democrats (including yourself) are misinformed about minimum wage, Obamacare, Liily Leadbetter, ADA, price gouging and endless other list of economic matters. If Obama wins, it will because people think economics is a normative science (it describes the world as you would like it to be). The gas shortages in the northeast are a good example. The government has decreeed that, after a disaster, there can be no price gouging (the world as they would like it to be- no one gets rich from misery). Economics as a positive science points out that as demand increases the price rises as well. If this is not allowed to happen (i.e. price gouging laws) then shortages insue. Everyone is equally miserable (except the richest who can leave or have someone stand in line for them).

  4. “We are all Keynesians now” –Richard Nixon

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