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For the record, I’m not a big Rachel Maddow fan. But here, in one of her calmer rants, she is mostly making sense. (Why, if I were a lesbian I’d kiss her!) The Republican party doesn’t need to become less conservative. It just needs to become less crazy. Please, GOP, stop killing your party!



  1. Her best idea is secession. Then we could see how well it would work out for her. Liberals should be for that idea. Then they can do as they please. Just think no more poverty, the climate can be cured, no more evils of capitalism. If all the red states would leave then you could get to the cures right away. Really why wait! Rid obstructionist! Blue states seceed.

    • I’m pretty sure that “doing as they please” is a distinctively libertarian idea.:)

  2. Good point. The blue state country can have everyone do as the blue state government pleases. It would be immoral to have libertarian ideas. Seriously, this is a great liberal idea. Half of the problem would be fixed. The blue states could taunt the red states with their superior healthcare, infrastucture and education system. They would be bigger than France and England combined.

    Racheal Madow has fixed the problem. Liberals secceding from those red state bastards.

  3. I have decided to form a New Abolitionist Party. It is purpose is to free the blue states from red state tyrany and obstruction. It promotes blue state secession from the red sttes. The blue states would be free to do the good they want to do. Please join me in extending the “pro-choice: aggenda by allowing blue state secession.

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