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Joe Conason thinks not.  He explains:

When the journalistic pack bites into a tasty cliché they often refuse to let go, lazily chewing and regurgitating a phrase like “team of rivals” long after the flavor is gone. Derived from the Doris Kearns Goodwin book on Lincoln’s cabinet, that morsel had scant relevance to the cabinet being assembled by Barack Obama, as the president-elect bravely tried to explain when he introduced his national security team…Rather than a discordant group that will spend the next four years arguing over the Iraq war resolution, Mr. Obama has chosen people who largely agree with him and each other about how to restore American influence and prestige in the world. That is particularly true of Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Gates and General Jones, who will guide U.S. foreign and military policy in a direction set by the president.



John Heillemann discusses the Hillary choice:

But choosing Hillary demonstrates more than merely get-her-done, mission-driven hardheadedness. It demonstrates that Obama has finally learned the political power of magnanimity—or least the perception thereof. It demonstrates strength, whereas selecting her as his running mate would have displayed the opposite (the stories would all have been about how he did it because he had no choice). And it demonstrates a level of self-confidence remarkable even in someone who just won the presidency.


I don’t think so. She’s far too much of a femninist to settle for a secretary’s job.

Long-winded, gaffe-prone Joe Biden has never seemed to have much of a self-edit function. So while Sarah Palin is drawing crowds and making headlines, Joe has been lying low. But on a day when most of the news was going be about 9-11 memorials and hurricanes, Joe spoke up and stated the obvious. “Maybe Barack should have gone with Hillary.” Don’t be surprise if his medical records have a blip or two that might just create a Tom Egleton switcheroo. After all this has turned out to be the Year of the Vagina, after all.

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s campaign sherpa, gives a fascinating account of viewing Obama from inside the 24/7 bunker.

In the movie Raising Arizona it is called a “wayhomer.” The joke a guy tells you at a party and you don’t really get until on the way home. Well, the 3 A.M. announcement that the Democratic faithful received on their Blackberries was precisely that. (It took me 6 six hours to see the joke of it.) It was that phone call in the middle of the night that proves whether this potential commander-in-chief can make the right decision. I would say, yes he can.

It was time for a shift in the McCain campaign. Sadly, its gone from bad to downright dishonest. First, he claims (against all the facts) that Obama refused to visited wounded soldiers because the Pentagon barred cameras. Now, instead of pulling the libelous ad, McCain continues to spread this lie at ever campaign stop. It gets big applause, much like Hillary’s fibs about dodging bullets in Bosnia. And this week, McCain has launched another ad likenng Obama to Paris Hilton because…well…I’m as clueless as the lovely Ms. Hilton on that one. I guess McCain thought it was funny. Like having a press conference at a German Deli while Obama draws an international audience in Berlin. Yup, that’s comedy!

Romney needs to be LEFT BEHIND, says Evangelical novelist Tim LaHaye. As the Religious Right attempts to steer the Republican Party between the ditches, many advise McCain (a candidate that they already dislike) that a flip-flopping Mormon on the ticket will guarantee the Arizona senator that beaucoups of Evangelical Republicans will stay at home on election day. Well, somebody has to stay at home to keep all the die hard Hillary supporters company. Right?

Ron Paul has officially suspended his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. And I thought Hillary was persistent!!

While Hillary takes a breather and her campaign repeats the mantra that the VP decision is Senator Obama’s alone––a variety of op ed columnists are floating a very different dream ticket. It doesn’t put Hillary or any other woman in the supporting role. But instead, a hairy-legged guy. In fact, pundits around the country are suggesting one of the smartest guys in DC for the Veep job. Jim Webb. For, in reality, it is not the female vote that Obama has to cater to. They will come around. But Obama would be very smart to think about getting a guy with a few years on him. A guy with an illustrious military record. And a guy who could win over some of the red necks of West Virginia. But the most impressive thing about Webb is his keen mind. These two guys are arguably the two brightest guys in government today. And two smart guys tag-teaming the Oval Office would be a refreshing change of pace. Plus, Jim Webb knows how to go hunting without shooting anyone in the face. Which is definitely worth considering.

Okay, he did it. He started sounding like a sleazy politician. Maybe he always has; it was just up against the Clintons, he seemed so darn honest. Today in his speech on the economy, Obama accused McCain of being a big spender. In fact, one of the things McCain is guilty of spending money on, according to Obama, is tax breaks for the rich. Huh? Since when is giving anyone a tax break considered government spending? Please, Barack, no double-talk. We voted for you because you were suppose to “change” all that slimey doublespeak. McCain is a big spender because of Iraq. Not because of tax breaks for rich, poor or whomever.

I was as painful to watch as it was for her to deliver. The words were there, but her heart was just not in it. When ever she talked about herself, her achievements or her supporters: her faced beamed. When she spoke about Obama the lights went out. The words were fine, they just weren’t her words. She did the right thing. And God, did it hurt. Maybe we should have given her another week.

I have spent my whole life waiting for a woman to get ready. First, it was my mother. For the last many years, it has been my wife. And now, it’s Hillary Clinton. It is a strange contradiction that a woman who is ready “day one” to be president, needs a week to concede defeat. It is an odd set of circumstances when those of us who have been asked to rise above our sexist biases, are now being asked to be sensitive to her feelings. After all, we are told, she is very fragile. Hey, Hillary, grow a pair. You’ve just set feminism back a millenia or two.

In case, you really thought this thing was a nail-biter.