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Category Archives: Political Correctness

I am constantly amazed at the things that come out of Pat Robertson’s mouth. 9-11 was the result of homosexuals and the ACLU. Hurricane Katrina was the consequence of drugs, strip joints and too-spicy jambalaya. Now Haiti’s earthquake is the by product of some deal with the Devil. I am constantly amazed at what the man says and equally amazed at how the left-leaning pundits are so appalled at this man’s cause-effect analysis. It seems that what our insurance policies still call an act of God can never in good taste be attributed to anything approaching divine justice. To do so is so “mean” and compassionless. However, for a Buddhist to espouse Karma is still okay. Just not getting it.




Today is Halloween. Of course, a good Christian should have nothing to do with this sick, wicked holiday. After all it’s Satan’s day. So let’s all get up a petition to get the day renamed “Harvest Ween” or something less demonic-sounding. At the very least we should provide an alternate venue for our children. Something healthy and wholesome in the church gymn-atorium with costumes of Bible characters. And we should remember to pray for all those lax parents who need to wake up and be very afraid of this day. After all, I heard that covens of witches perform human sacrifices of children they nab on this most wicked of nights. ( I know it’s not an urban myth because I heard it on Christian radio.) Okay. Time out. Maybe right-wing talk radio’s fear mongering  needs to do a little fact-checking.  Like the fact that Halloween IS a Christian holiday. It goes back to the 1500s. The day was the Hallowed Eve (by the way, hallow means holy). It was the night before All Saints’ Day. Young, Christian boys would dress up to mock the devil. Martin Luther had it right. “The prince of darkness grim, we tremble not for him.”  Or as the Bible says, “Greater who is He who in us, than he who is in the world.” So let’s all take a break. Take a pitchfork to Old Harry. Study a little church history and stop trying to muck with a Christian Hallowed day.

Political pandering or a consistent personal faith? You be the judge. Either way, Obama has decided to expand the faith-based policies of George W. Bush. What can we expect? A confused electorate. Some liberal-leaning critics of Dubya’s befuddled melding of Church and State will attack Obama’s program as wrongheaded. Some evangelical proponents of faith-based funding will give Obama a second look. Maybe he’s one of us. And, I am sure, that the dyed-in-the-wool GOP-infatuated Religious Right will begin an e-mail campaign insinuating this is all part of a vast jihad by which our tax dollars will be laundered through phony Muslim charities to fund terrorism. I mean, his middle name IS Hussein. But the biggest thing that will face Obama with his faith-at-work policies is the sticky issue of discriminating against volunteers, employees and recepients on the basis of their religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Then there is the bigger issue of proselytizing that goes hand-in-hand with most faith-based organizations and their ministries. After all, if Jesus can fill your empty belly, wouldn’t you like to kneel now and have Him fill your empty heart? Not exactly ecumenical, if you get my drift. So good luck with this one, Barrack. You’re gonna need it.


Well, New York has it’s first black governor! And better yet, he is legally blind! Wow! A twofer! If only he was a woman! It makes me warm all over. Nausea does that. Listen, I have nothing against blind black guys. Big fan of Ray Charles, in fact. But I buy Ray’s albums for the same reason I vote for someone. The person’s proven abilities. Not their disabilities, their race or their gender. So I am a little annoyed by all this Obama would be the first African-American president. Or Hillary would be the first female president. Or John McCain would be the first tortured Vietnam vet president. This election should not be about having to publish an updated edition of the Guinness Book of Records. It should be about the candidates’ proven abilities. Their record, their gifts, their judgment. This election should not be a referendum on how far blacks, blondes or blind folks have come in this country. Of course, not everybody votes the way I do. And I guess some people buy Ray Charles records because he’s black and blind. So if all that you care about in this election is whether the next US president wears pants, a pinafore or a flag pin…go for it. And excuse me, while I go throw up.

Well, we all know it is very bad manners to call Barack Obama the “N-word”. But apparently, it is also bad manners to say that Hillary Clinton has never been called the “N-word.” Why it is very bad manners, I have no idea. Maybe for the same reason that it is called the “N-word.” By the way, if you don’t know what the “N-word” is, I suggest you go to the public library and check out anything written by Mark Twain. Or you can turn on the radio and listen to any Rap song. Apparently, American literary figures and Rap artists can call or not call anyone the “N-word.”
Just don’t do it if you are an African-American preacher. That, apparently, is where we drawn the line. By the way, just for the record, no one has probably every called Barack Obama the “B-word.”

turkey kid

In this brave new world of political correctness, we are conditioned to refer to the Christmas holidays in a sanitized, Christ-less language that offends no one but is nevertheless intended to make vague allusions to good will, joy and peace. “Seasons Greetings.” “Happy Holidays.”“This Joyful Season.” Etcetera. We have all become quite facile with this. It seems benign enough. Something to do with the separation of Church and State and good breeding.


I’ve recently become aware that our quaint, state-bequeathed holiday of Thanksgiving has not emerged unscathed from this well-intentioned newspeak. Why? I don’t know.


Yes, granted, there is an implicit allusion to a higher being of some ilk in the sentiments of this holiday. But this is an American holiday not some holy day that falls on the liturgical calendar like Easter or Epiphany. It’s decreed by no Pope. It is imposed by no pointy-hatted Patriarch. And the implied God in question is clearly nonsectarian­––be He the fatalistic Allah of the Koran, the Almighty Yaweh of the Bible or the undemanding, disengaged First Cause of Deism. Yet, more and more people seem to be going to great lengths to take the “thanks” out of Thanksgiving. Surely, you’ve heard it. “Happy Turkey Day.”


“Going to your Mom’s for Turkey Day?”


“Whew! Ate too much on Turkey Day.”


Really? Turkey Day?


Maybe they think it’s cute. I assure you it isn’t. And it is a slippery slope.


What’s next? Does Easter become “Happy Chocolate Bunny Day”? Does Halloween become “Happy Candy Corn Day”? Do we turn Yom Kippur into“Happy Skip Breakfast Day”? Nothing would surprise me in this PC world gone mad. And what, may I ask, becomes of “TGIF?” It may be the last vestige of a grateful nation’s obeisance to the benificient Deity of the 5-day workweek. Let us thank Him before the rocks cry out. Here’s to the God of 5-day workweeks and 4-day holiday weekends. Long may He reign.


As always, my apologies.