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Apparently, bird-flipping bad boy Rick Perry has gotten religion. Or maybe he is just hoping to increase his political capital with the Religious Right in anticipation of a presidential bid. Not to suggest a politician would be that cynical and  calculating, but courting the born-again wing of the GOP certainly helped our last Texas Governor trade up to an oval-shaped office. The details:

Texas governor and potential presidential candidate Rick Perry is organizing a national prayer rally.

The day-long prayer and fasting event, called “The Response,” is scheduled for Aug. 6 in Houston, Texas.

Gov. Perry said Americans must call on Jesus to guide them through the “unprecedented struggles” the nation is facing.

“Right now, America is in crisis. We have been besieged by financial debt, terrorism and a multitude of natural disasters,” Perry said on the event’s website.

“Some problems are beyond our power to solve… this historic hour demands a historic response,” he said.

Governors across the country are invited to participate in the prayer rally.

Some have criticized the event saying Perry shouldn’t use his office to promote a religious gathering.

The prayer rally will be held at Reliant Stadium.


That’s right. McCain took my advice. A female Veep. It’s Alaska governor, Sarah Palin. The perfect final touch to an already mega-cynical campaign.” Ladies, disappointed that Hillary got squeezed out? Have we got a deal for you! Youngsters, want youthful change? Check it out, this broad is younger than Obama. Social conservatives, not to worry. This chick is anti-abortion, just like you. She’ll be just a heartbeat away from the Oval Office and face it, my old ticker has seen better days. So come on, Hillary supporters, we’ll shatter that glass ceiling together. We’ll bring change to Washington, kids. And, Dr. Dobson, this pretty little gal can cook!”

Ron Paul has officially suspended his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. And I thought Hillary was persistent!!

This week, Hillary Clinton managed to say some nice things about Ted Kennedy and put her foot in her mouth concerning his late brother Bobby. Thank goodness, she has reminded us voters that some idealistic, young Senators running for President can suddenly drop out of the race by an assassin’s bullet. Let’s not be hasty. Let’s not rush this thing. I mean, anything can happen. Not that she would wish that on anyone in particular…like… say some uppity negro who has no right in the “White” House…who has a pretty foreign, Muslim-sounding name…may be one for all we know…boy, that’s a scary thought, huh? Are you listening, West Virginian and Kentucky Clinton supporters? Don’t let those guns go to waste, now. Yup, Hillary just gets ornerier and ornerier.

So Obama handily carries Oregon and gets pummeled in Kentucky. Pointy-headed liberals love him. West Virginian and Kentucky hillbillies prefer Hillary. Hillary does better in red states. Obama does better in blue states. Blacks love Obama (can’t figure why). Women over 60 love Hillary (can’t imagine). Okay, can we wrap this deal up already? Please, for Teddy’s sake?

Edwards declares who he’s backing.

Tom Hanks thinks this next presidential election is big. He even has a thought on who we should vote for. Hint: Hanks lives in Hollywood.

Just to balance out this Obama/Clinton face off, Michael Moore has weighed in. He is putting his ample girth on the Obama side of the ledger. Already, I am liking Obama less. Wow! This guy Moore really is polarizing!!

There is a charming tradition in Pennsylvania politics. It’s called “street money.” It’s the money with which you grease the hands of the political machine’s political bosses. And every campaign in Philadelphia history (Democratic or Republican) has gladly greased the palms and oiled the machine to get the vote out. That is, until now. The Obama Campaign is refusing to play the game. And the party bosses are royally pissed. Especially, knowing that the Obama campaign is flushed with cash. Apparently, Obama’s campaign for Change is just that. This, of course, could hurt his performance on Tuesday. Or it just might change Phillie old-school politics for the better.

The image on the left is what a presidential candidate flipping someone off looks like. The image on the right is what a presidential candidate scratching their face looks like. For an actual shot of someone flipping off Hillary Clinton, please refer to photos of former Clinton cabinet appointees Robert Reich and Bill Richardson endorsing Barack Obama.

Why, this guy, of course. Charlie Gibson––the guy with all those substantive questions. “Will you agree tonight to make the other your running mate?” That, of course, is a question to which we all already knew the answer. But it was worth it to see what appeared to be two candidates like deer in the headlights. Of course, it was, in fact, two candidates waiting for the moderator to do what moderators are suppose to do: direct the question to a particular individual. Instead, good-time Charlie throws out his snarky ” Not every one at once.” Yup, journalism at its best! Then Charlie raised this campaign to higher ground by resurrecting Rev Wright (who lies a molding in the grave), Bosniagate and the so-called bitter controversy. Yup, the electorate just can’t get enough of that stuff. Why talk vision and policy differences when we can watch the candidates skirm? Attaboy, Charlie. And kudos, to the caped crusader’s diminutive sidekick, George S. When Obama said he disowns his former Pastor’s remarks, Stephanopoulos shot back, “So now you disown him?” Alright, Georgie! Stirring it up!! By the third act, the two stooges actually asked some policy-related questions and Senator Clinton clearly performed strongly in this portion of the debate; but only after looking totally disengenious feigning bewilderment about Obama’s strange remarks about guns, God and racism. But, all and all, Charlie won this one. He led the debate with sensationalism and gave short shrift of the real issues. He made both candidates look stupid, and himself look clever. There must surely be a spot on FOX News for Charlie Gibson after last night. Clearly, he gets it. He’s the brand. He’s not a messenger. He’s the message. It’s enough to make me cling to guns and religion.

Just as soon as the Clinton Campaign and the GOP squeeze all the mileage out of the Rev Wright and the “Bitter” controversies, get ready for this one. Barack Obama consorts with known terrorists!!!! Pictured above is Bill Ayres, a former Weatherman. No, not the guy with the funny maps before the Sportscast– the 1960’s Yippie variety. He plotted the overthrow of our government, protested the Military Industrial Complex and conspired to put LSD in the Jello mold. All about the time Barack Obama was in Pampers. Anyway, today’s he’s a Obama supporter. And fair game. So get ready.

Barack Obama has an international upbringing, a biracial heritage and an ivy league education. He is wicked smart and a powerful speaker. So when he says something you can be assured of two things: He is not misspeaking and he is trying to bring people together. So any attempt by the Obama camp to wiggle out of his comments concerning “bitter” blue-collars workers, we should question. This guy doesn’t misspeak. He says what he means and means what he says. But the other thing we should seriously question is his opponents attempts to cast Obama as out of touch with working-class people. The one thing Obama has in spades is empathy. So when he speaks to a group of San Francisco liberals he articulately and candidly tries to explain why conservative Catholic factory-workers may not embrace the benign programs of the liberal establishment. He challenges his listeners to transcend their cultural and political biases to understand the other end of the spectrum. He challenges middle-class white people to understand the plight of poor blacks. He challenges faith-adverse Democrats to embrace faith-based evangelicals. He challenges us all. Because without being challenged, we remain cosy and comfortable in our individual enclaves. And the other guy, is always the enemy. Sadly, frank, articulate challenges from a frank, articulate leader like Obama are always going to make dodgy-sounding sound bites for FOX News and the GOP. But when truth is spoken it is never a gaffe. It is, at worse, an inconvenient truth.

In a recent poll, John McCain has closed the 10-point gap between himself and Barack Obama. Now, if he can only close the gap with himself.