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The neo cons have a charmingly parochial view of the world. They believe that if we simply occupy more countries and build more bridges (right after we blow them up), we can defuse radical Islamic jihad and spread democracy. No more 9-11s. No more terrorism. All it takes is enough troops. The trouble is that the U.S. army apparently can’t even take an American-born Muslim, pay for his education and train him to use a gun and win his particular heart and mind to the American Way. Is there something about our view of the world and the Muslim view of the world that is fundamentally irreconcilable? Nahhh, that makes far too much sense.



When the Republican Party needs the conservative evangelical vote, they know just how to wind us up. All we like sheep…

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Are people who believe that President Obama is not an actual U.S. citizen more likely to kill people at a Holocaust museum? Or are wackos just more inclined to blog about crazy conspiracy theories, then take their shotgun and shoot up the joint? The Huffington Post has the answer.

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The New Republic has an interesting take on the Cairo speech:

Obama’s Cairo speech had a misleading quality to it. The president was speaking the rhetoric of Reagan, while intending to execute the policy of George H. W. Bush. Conveying the image of an emotional, forthcoming, and understanding bridge-builder, he is actually a cautious and calculated leader, wanting to scale down America’s foreign policy–back to the days when “interests” were king, not “ideologies.” Obama is a new type of the old “realist.” He is a realist with feelings–one that can naturally combine a call for halting Iran’s nuclear weapons because of “America’s interests” (and others’) with his personal story of “an African-American with the name Barack Hussein Obama.”


Does abortion terminate a life? Without question. Does a woman’s right to privacy trump an embryo’s right to live. Sadly, it seems to. At least, it always has. That’s right. Always. Roe v. Wade made it legal, but abortion has always been available. Late term abortions, in particular. In fact, leaving unwanted babies to die by exposure was once the state of the art. A grizzly procedure that makes partial-birth abortion look almost humane. Which brings us to the big question. If  abortion stops a heart beat, is it then murder? If we look at the Bible, I’m afraid I would have to say “no.” At least, the God of the Old Testament––who instituted capital punishment for everything from killing a man to dishonoring your parents–– didn’t require the taking of the life of someone responsible for the death of a child in utero (Exodus 21). Which, at the very least, makes me reluctant to call our President a baby killer. Or abortion murder. However, most pro-life Christians are not nearly as reluctant to pull their punches. Some even pull the trigger. Which is how an abortionist came to die this Sunday. At his church. As he worshipped his Savior. As his wife watched on from the church choir loft. Murder. Plain and simple. And the saddest part of all? People who call themselves followers of Jesus are reading this and smiling.

A Baptist pastor tells his story of border patrol abuse, Constitutional neglect and personal loss of dignity. It is outrageous on so many levels.  ACLU pinkos types can lament how American citizens’ basic rights are being jettisoned by this hamfisted war on immigration. Rightwing Libertarians can claim another poster child for the cause against Big Brother. And Bible-believing Christians can reverently scratch their heads and ask why this banged-up preacher seems to have so totally missed that he, like thousands of martyrs who proclaimed Christ crucified, has been counted worthy  to share in the sufferings of Christ. Funny, I heard somewhere that Christians are suppose to rejoice in this sort of stuff.

Mitchell Report Baseball

After jetting the globe, helping heal the Northern Ireland divide, facing down steroids in major league baseball and accomplishing great things in general, George Mitchell will now be the special envoy to the Middle East. Looks like Mitchell’s good luck is about to change.


For all my pro-Israeli Evangelical readers: Can you please  tell God’s “chosen people” to take a break from slaughtering helpless Palestinian woman and children long enough to crack open a Bible. Yes, Hamas has been lobbing primitive rockets into Israel for several months now. But do we really think that doing surgical strikes on civilians is honoring the Mosiac law of proportionality? Can we please hold off on Armageddon just long enough to enjoy the Great Tribulation/Depression that the housing crisis has handed us?

Who says this stuff? Really? A guaranteed attack on American soil to test Obama mettle? Who was he talking to? Future Fear Mongers of America? So maybe Joe Biden really is John McCain’s good friend. He certainly gave a flagging campaign some excellent source material. In the meantime, can we get a gag order on this guy?

Actor and NRA activist Charlton Heston has died. Would somebody please help me pry this gun out of his cold, dead hands?


The Easter season is a a good time to reflect on the importance of context. On Friday, a nailed-up Jesus looks pretty helpless. On Saturday, a dead-in-the-grave Jesus looks pretty hopeless. But on Sunday….my, my. Sorta like when you take the time to watch the excerpted sound bites of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons in their actual sermon. When you hear the pastor’s message in its actual context. When you hear what the Reverend is actually saying. And who he is actually quoting. My, my. You see, it wasn’t a sermon full of hatred and violence. It was, in fact, a sermon AGAINST hatred and violence. Funny, the difference context makes. Funny, how FOX News doesn’t seem to care much about context. Funny, how 2,000 years after Christ’s resurrection, some people are still more interested in crucifying than in rising again.


One Democratic candidate has insisted this presidential campaign is not about race or gender. The other has insisted that it very much is. And her palpable insinuation is, “Girls, you know what you must do.” The results have been pretty predictable. The candidate who reaches across the racial chasm, across the gender gap and across party and regional lines is starting to see that he can attract voters of all races, all genders, all ages and all stripes. Today in Virginia exit polling, he’s even shown that he can reach that most narrow-minded and stubborn of niches: the left wing female baby boomer. The group who have fought their whole life for equal opportunity, equal pay and a sort of equal consequences for reproductive activities. The group who came into this political cycle believing that the 2008 election was about crashing through the glass ceiling and putting someone with ovaries in the Oval Office. But then something happened. These feminist stalwarts––these pioneers of female liberation–– got over the initial euphoria, the momentary giddiness, of knowing they had a bona fide, qualified, sure-thing candidate and looked at a bigger world torn apart by sectarian hatred and a country torn apart by partisan bickering. They looked at how a planet where every group thinks only in terms of their own race, their own clan, their own class and their own creed ultimately implodes upon itself. And maybe they recognized that it is that sort of thinking that is root of the problem. And certainly not the solution. And perhaps, they looked at the last seven years of a narrow-minded administration and realized that this is not the time for more narrow thinking and mindless, lockstep solidarity. It is time that all good women do what all good women have always done best: Set aside their personal agenda and effect the greater good.


There is nothing like a good cry. Especially, if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton. The ice queen wept herself a major win. When others would have choked, she choked up. Of course, some of us weren’t so sure those were really tears. (I simply thought the icy Senator from New York was melting.) But apparently it was the real deal. And frankly, I’m alright with that. I seem to remember the occasional male President getting all misty-eyed. “I did not have sex with that woman!” Spritz. Spritz. Tears can come in handy when you are trying to win over your audience. Benazir Bhutto might be with us today if she had only turned on the waterworks. Iron lady Margaret Thatcher might have increased her reign if her British upper lip hadn’t remained quite so stiff. The current President could very well seal these Mideast peace talks with just the quiver of his chin. In fact, teardrop diplomacy might just be the key to a lasting world peace. It could happen. But one thing at a time. Right now, we must take stock of the remaining White House hopefuls. We must examine their records, take note of their experience and determine which weepy-eyed candidate is worthy of the awesome responsibilities of Blubberer-In-Chief.


Bilawal Bhutto Zadari. He’s just your average freshman teenage boy. He has a Facebook page. He attends a prestigious rich kid university. And bottomline: he just wants to have fun. Oh…and did I mention…he’s the new joint leader of the Pakistan’s People’s Party. And, well, it’s putting a major cramp in his style. I mean, most teens come back from Christmas break with a new iPod… young Zadari comes back with a martyred mom and a new part time job making Pakistan safe for democracy. Major bummer. I mean, really! This kid should be throwing keggers, texting hot coeds and pledging a fraternity. But the media is all “Can I quote you?” and “Are you satisfied with the investigation of your mother’s death?” And Bilawai is all like “Whatever.” And it is just wrong. I mean, look at this kid. He’s wearing a fuzzy hoodie! Find Pakistan another savior. This kid needs to study for mid-terms.