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The Bible is full of good advice on how to measure character. For instance, the writer of Proverbs gives us a heads up on how to measure leadership: “He who winks the eye causes trouble, And a babbling fool will be ruined.” (Proverbs 10:10). CNN measured the reactions of the undecided to last Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate. You saw it. Little squiggly lines going up and down. Interestingly, Sarah Palin’s persistent winking was a turn off to undecided women. Undecided men sort of liked it; they thought Sarah was coming on to them. But there was a moment that took the undecided voters off the charts. It was the brief moment when Joe Biden’s eyes welled up with tears and he choked back a sob. The little squiggly lines went wild. Thursday night we saw two things in Senator Biden’s eyes: steely resolve and tender compassion. These are two qualities the book of Proverbs rate pretty high.


You don’t want to be the guy who has to debate Sarah Palin. Joe Biden definitely has his job cut out for him. His first obstacle will be…well…himself. The longer he blathers, the less the American public will comprehend. The longer he talks the more opportunity he has for saying something exquisitely dumb. Not that he’s not smart. He is. It’s just that his mouth has the bad habit of saying really stupid things. His second obstacle will be he’s never shot a moose. You see, the American public doesn’t trust people who don’t routinely slaughter wildlife and mount their furry, little heads above their fireplaces. The third obstacle will be his home state, Delaware, is very small and doesn’t afford a beachfront view of Russia. Plus, his many years of foreign policy experience only makes him suspect. The guy is a Washington insider, and in a “change election”, you definitely don’t want a Washington insider at the bottom of the ticket (you want him on the top, with a woman on the botton: Missionary style). The third thing is that he just knows too much. He reads books and stuff. His head is full of lots of trivial things about geopgraphy, the Middle East, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and economic theory. This would come in handy in a real political debate, but we don’t have those in this country. Bad for ratings.  The last obstacle is the biggest. He has never been a contestant in a beauty contest and his opponent has. Maybe John McCain was never voted Miss Congeniality, but Sarah Palin was. Literally. And when all is said and done, these debates are just another beauty pageant where the contestants are judged on poise, grace and grit. Sorry, Joe. You lose. So Sarah, bring it on. And remember, in politics, there are no wrong answers. Just bad form.