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Check out the big brain on Artie. Politically liberal. Theologically conservative. Culturally elite. Socially reactionary. I’m a real mixed bag. And I always wind up alienating somebody. I’m Artie and I approved this blog.



  1. My Brother, people are going to have to “get over it!” There is diversity in GOD’s kingdom. The only thing that we can influence (by our obedience to the Great Commission) is how many more will enter in. We won’t be allowed to show up at the table and complain about who has a seat. Regardless of our politics or social status each of us arrived by God’s grace…

  2. 🙂

  3. Great tagline

  4. I appreciate your candor and apparent honesty of heart! Good work. p.s. I’m a conservative minded Believer in Jesus who used to be a liberal radical- until I met Christ Jesus. I probably have some past history like yours? I will read more of your blogs, and later check out your e-novel.

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