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While the Liberal blogs are busy mocking Sarah Palin’s “wacky” faith, this tidbit is worth noting. A recent Gallup poll suggests that people who attend church regularly tend be less superstitious and gullible than the rest of the general population. Well, thank my lucky stars for that!


Since the McCain camp has been light years behind the Obama folks in Internet savvy, a devoted public is helping out. Take the new Women for John McCain site that just went up. It provides an open forum to highlight McCain’s lifetime of service to the weaker sex:

John McCain has been surrounded by strong women throughout his life – from his first wife, Carol, to new female friendships formed after his return from Vietnam as an American hero, to his current wife, Cindy, and friends such as Vicki Iseman. Each one of them hold a very unique and special place in John’s story.

Yup. McCain is getting all the help he can stand right now. Gotta love the Internet.

We’ve heard the pundits. The politicians. And Joe six-pack. Now a young pastor takes a look at what can be learned from the Jeremiah Wright controversy.


Okay. I know. There are too many blogs, right? As in “way too many.” I am a little late to the game, I confess. But here’s the deal. I intended to start blogging a while back. But then that 9/11 thing came along and well, I got a little distracted. You know, all that global war on terrorism stuff. I would have started blogging back then but I was a little concerned that my pearls of wisdom could fall into the wrong hands. Evildoers, and the like. So I put the whole blogging thing on hold. Now, I’ve decided to take the plunge and I’m a little concerned that blogging has surpassed critical mass or whatever they call it when there are more people writing blogs than there are available people to read them. So, my apologies. But here is the sort of soul-liberating silver lining to all this. Nobody will probably ever read any of this. I mean other than…you know…me…a few crazed jihadists…and maybe my stalker (if I ever get one. That ship may have already sailed as well.) So, here it is: my belated blog. Enjoy, you evildoing jihadist you!