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Okay. Maybe General Wesley Clark is wrong. Maybe John McCain riding in a fighter jet and being shot down should be at the top of his resume. Maybe we should place his time as a POW right up there, too. The constant torture, the suffering, the brutality of his sadistic guards. Okay. Fair enough. But let’s say that the fighter jet is our country and the Oval Office is the cockpit. And John McCain is the pilot. And we are all riding up there with him. Do we really want to be in the plane that gets shot down? Isn’t the idea to be in the plane that shoots down the enemy? Isn’t Navy Pilot McCain’s record a little frightening? Or is it asking too much of a President not to haplessly crash our country and send us all into the brutal hands of our enemies? Is it? Of course, it’s just a metaphor. And McCain is a hero. It’s just that I would prefer the sort of hero who makes it through the battle without a scratch. Not the guy who daily gets his head kicked in by the Viet Cong.



  1. Of course, the other alternate (know as Diasaster B) gets to share his experience the torture of being an Illinois State Senator.

  2. President Nixon had refrained from attacks on Hanoi for a time with negotiations going on. With John Kerry and Jane Fonda meeting in Paris with those negotiators, Nixon decided to increase bombing on Hanoi, but they had time to increase defense of area. Check Vietnam section. “North Vietnam had the strongest anti-aircraft defenses in history; over 7,000 AA guns of 37mm or larger, and batteries of radar-controlled SAMS’s ringing Hanoi”. John McCain had flown through this, dropped his bombs on target, and when plane did not respond, he had to punch out, breaking both arms, and leg, and had shoulder crushed by rifle butt after he was fished out of lake. So I suggest Wesley Clark never faced personal danger, or came as close to dying as John McCain did. Having served 26 years, I would like to know who transferred military equipment from Fort Hood to ATF,FBI, and Janet Reno to be used at WACO? (Gen Clark,or his deputy commander?) and WHY?

  3. John McCain flew a bomber. His sole mission was to drop bombs on women and children. He loved spreading death to civilians. Now he wants to president so he can spread even more death. That’s his idea of fun.

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